Sunday, January 17, 2010


Kissing monkey cousins

I just love how excited she gets.

We went trick or treating with Stella and Miles this year. We had three crazy monkeys running around and it was hilarious. At one home a lady opened her door and all three monkeys charged in. We had to run in the house and collect our kids.

Saturday, January 16, 2010

The things that make my day

The best parts of my day are finding Lola after I've left her alone for a minute. She's in mom's heals, she is hiding in the dryer, she is rocking her baby and my favorite. Had put my mascara on. Sooooooo pretty Lola

Lake Arrowhead for Zac's B-Day (August)

We had an amazing trip to CA for Zac's B-day. Lola was walking by now which made it a fun trip of exploration for her. This was her first trip to the beach. She was not a big fan of the sand. She sat on a lawn chair with Grandma the entire day at the beach. And when she got a grain of sand on her, she would notify us so we could remove it. Lola enjoyed baking with Grandma, something she has never seen her mother do. And she loved the instruments her Auntie Chyrl gave her. She also gave the ducks in the lake her sippy cup. They needed juice with their bread